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Weddings and Children

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Here is a nice little tip for the seating plan for children at a wedding.

Some brides opt to have the children sit together at the childrens tables at the wedding reception. It is more fun for the kids and gives the parents some time to enjoy their own meal. To encourage the children to go to their designated tables and stay there throughout the meal why not do something different with the chaircovers for them!

One bride we are hiring chair covers to is having patterned white damask covers and white sashs for all the adult seats and then for the kids is hiring our black chaircovers with fushia pink sashs and ballons. This is a fun idea to dress up the banquet chairs for the children.

Another option is to put baby pink and baby blue sashs on the childrens chairs, to highlight the chairs for them to sit on at the childrens tables.

For further information on chair cover hire for your wedding in Ireland please contact Wedding Chair Covers on 0872402782.

Mix & Match your sashes

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Brides here is a little tip you might want to consider when choosing your sash colour. Going for subtle sash co-ordination can be very chic!

Sometimes when the bridemaids colour theme is a strong colour for example chocolate brown and you decide to co-ordinate with chocolate brown sashes it can make the wedding reception room look very heavy and dark.  At Wedding Chair Covers we recently hired seat covers to a bride who opted for ivory chaircovers with ivory sashs and to keep the theme we just put one chocolate brown sash on one chair per table. This tied in the colour theme for the wedding  and was not overpowering.

To discuss the various sash options there are please contact Anne on 0719648888.

What sash colour to go with your wedding chaircovers?

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Brides are often in a quandary as to what sash colour to go with. Do they co-ordinate the bow colour with:

-the bridesmaids dresses

-the bestman/groomsmen colour theme

-the wedding reception room

-the flowers

-go for something classical like white or ivory

-go for no bow at all

The decision is very much based on a personal preference of the wedding couple, however Wedding Chair Covers will be happy to discuss the various options with the bride. We have a portfolio of photographs taken a various hotels in the North West area which show how some sash colours work well with the function room than others that clash.

Anne Hurrell can be contacted on 0719648888 or 0872402782 for further information.

The Forty Shades of Green or Blue or Pink!

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To avoid any confusion on the brides perception of a particular tie colour and our perception of the tie colour we at Wedding Chair Covers always recommend sending brides a samples of the bows in the post to see and make absolutely sure that it is the colour they require.

 Brides are often in a quandary as to what sash colour to go with, so to help them decide we send a selection of sash samples for them to choose from. For example the colours coral, pink and salmon can often be construed as a completely different shade. Sending samples also allows the bride the opportunity to decide if she wants to go with a classical look like white on white or ivory or match the sash colour with the bridesmaid dresses.

Anne at Wedding Chair Covers will be happy to discuss sash colour options with you. Please telephone 0872402782.

Wedding Reception Chair Covers

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Brides beware! There is no such thing as a standard banquetting chair.

Banquetting chairs can vary in size significantly from hotel to hotel. In some hotels you can even find three different sizes of chair in the function room.

At Wedding Chair Covers we have five different sizes of  reception chaircovers to ensure that our chaircovers fit perfectly. Over the past three years we have provided chaircovers for weddings in all the main hotels in the North West area and are familiar with the banquet chair types in each hotel.

So brides you have no need to worry as we have years of expertise in hiring chaircovers for wedding receptions and we know what chaircover fits best for the particular hotel your wedding reception is at.

Announcing New Range of Two-Tone Sashes

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Wedding Chair Covers are pleased to announce we now have a new range of beautiful two-tone sashes in stock for brides in the  North West.

To compliment bridemaids dresses the new sashes come in a range of colours incorporating greens, purples, duck egg and turquoise blues, gun metal silver, pewter, and bronze golds.

For further information on the new sashs and our other single tone organza sashs please contact Anne on 0872402782 or email

Cost saving tip for hire of Chaircovers

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At Wedding Chair Covers we base the amount you pay for chaircovers on your final number of guests.

 Guest numbers at the wedding reception can change significantly on the run up to your wedding. It can be a very stressful time for brides who often find it hard to know their final numbers as some people are slow or don’t reply to their invitation.

Wedding Chair Covers works closely with the bride on the days before the wedding and  calculates the amount due for chaircovers then so you are not paying for chaircovers you don’t need. It can save some brides as much as 100euro of the final bill.

Wedding Chair Covers with a difference!

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Why not try something different with your wedding chair covers and go for black covers!

Black chair covers have proved popular with black tie weddings, or if the colour black is in some way incoporated in the bridesmaids dresses, or even just to tie in with the groom and bestmen. Black chaircovers with baby pink sashs or fushia pink sashs are also very striking, it adds a real party feel to the function room.

We can provide any combination such as black chair covers and white sashs for the top table and then reverse the combination for the main floor with white chaircovers and black sashs.

Give Wedding Chair Covers who cover the North West area a call on 0872402782 to discuss this and other options on how to try something different for your wedding.

Blog for Wedding Chair Cover Hire in Ireland

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In conjunction with our new look website we have incorporated a new blog.

We plan to update it as often as possible with news on the latest trends and general information on wedding chair covers.

We welcome you to leave your comments.

Anne Hurrell

Christmas / New Year Brides book your Chair Covers now.

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A glorious time of year to get married, everyone in celebration mode, family and friends get together, everyone on holiday.

But a little word of warning!

I have been hiring out wedding chair covers for three years now. This past three Christmas periods have been really crazy busy for weddings.

So advance warning if you are having your wedding over the Christmas / New Year period book your Chair Covers now to ensure you get the chair cover colour and sash colour you want. The most popular sash colour at this time of year is burgundy.