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Chair Covers for the chapel

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Frequently we are asked to supply chair covers for the bride and groom at the church. The chairs here are sometimes old and dishevalled. By dressing them with chair covers just adds that something special in the altar area. Also as the congregation are primarily looking at the back of the chair, then the organza bow wrapped around the chair adds that finishing touch. So many photographs are taken during the wedding ceremony, so it is a good idea to dress this area with the chair covers. You dress the altar with flowers and candles, so why not dress the chairs as well!

Some weddings just have the chair covers for the bride and groom only, and others opt to hire them for the entire bridal party if they are sitting in the alter area. It depends, as every wedding setting is different. Some sit in the alter area whereas at other weddings the bridal party sit in the front row of the church.

So this is something you might like to consider when hiring your wedding chair covers. For further information contact Anne Hurrell at or telephone 0872402782. We are based in Leitrim and cover the North West area.

Chair Covers as a Wedding Present

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With many brides and grooms cutting back on the amount of money they are spending on their wedding we have seen an increase in chair covers being hired as a surprise for the wedding couple by some members in the family.

Whilst the bride may want to rent chair covers for her wedding, but then decides against them due to tight budget constraints, we see a family member contacting us directly to supply them as a surprise for the wedding couple.

One conversation with the grooms mother today was that her son and future daughter-in-law would really love to have the chair covers at their wedding, but because of the current economic climate they have made big cuts in their wedding budget. The mother of the groom felt sorry for them and realizing the big impact the chaircovers will have in the function room she has stepped in to cover the cost of the seat cover rental. She is going to keep this as a surprise for them until their wedding day.

We also have had a few cousins club together to pay for the wedding chair cover rental and recently had a group of friends club together to pay for the chair covers. In this case the bride and groom were going to Australia for a few years after the wedding so they didn’t want any material things for wedding presents. Paying for the chair cover hire by a few of their friends helped save on the cost of the wedding.

For further information on chair cover rental for your wedding in Counties Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Donegal, Sligo and Londford, please contact or telephone 0872402782

Dressing The Wedding Top Table

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Brides if you would like to add that something extra special to the decor in the wedding function room we are happy to dress the front of the wedding top table for you.

This can be done by adding a draped voile across the front of the top table. The fabric normally comes in white voile to match the white table linen on the top table. Where the fabric is gathered in the drapes we tie in the organza bows so that the coloured scheme you have chosen for your wedding is reflected.

As the top table is the focal part of the wedding reception and features in so many of your wedding photographs it is an important area of the wedding detail not to be overlooked. Likewise we can decorate the area where the wedding cake is located, another key area where many wedding photographs are taken. This is another area where a little attention to detail can be incorporated though tasteful decoration. These will be once in a life time photographs so a little time spent on considering the decoration of the wedding top table and cake table are well worth it when the wedding photographs will last forever.

Wedding Chair Covers based in Leitrim over a chair cover hire service to weddings in the North West of Ireland area. The counties include Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Donegal, Roscommon, Cavan and Longford. If you would like further information about chair cover rental for your wedding or even the dressing of the top table and cake table for your wedding, please contact or email